Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Dept. of Nutritional Sciences]

Student & Faculty Honors

Congratulations to Allyson Agostini-Dreyer, Deepika Bangia, John Douglass, Angela Gajda, Leslie McCauliff and Elizabeth Spiegler, who each earned a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences in 2013-14 and Samantha Dori, Charita Johnson, Melanie Kim, Janice Lin, Elizabeth Nossier, Barbara Spailding and Youjie Zhang who each earned a Master's Degree in Nutritional Sciences in 2013-14!

Congratulations also to Nicole Scott, who received the 2014 Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for overall excellence in Nutritional Sciences and to Victoria Coglianese, who received the 2014 Ann S. McChesney Nutritional Sciences Education Award.

Good luck to all our 2014 Rutgers Nutritional Sciences graduates!