Barry E. Levin, M.D.

Professor, Department of Neurology & Neurosciences, UMDNJ
M.D. Emory University, 1967

Our research focuses on the neural control of energy and glucose homeostasis and the role of specialized metabolic sensing neurons that integrate metabolic, hormonal and neural signals from the periphery in these processes. We work with rodent models of diet-induced obesity and diabetes and assess the ways in which underlying genotype interacts with the environment to alter neural structure and function. A primary focus is on the perinatal and prepubertal stages of life during which neural development can be influenced by metabolic, hormonal, physiological, behavioral and epigenetic factors to produce long term changes in neural structure  and function. This work entails various combinations of in vivo physiological, neural,  metabolic and molecular manipulations, as well as in vitro assessment of factors that influence the activity of metabolic sensing neurons such as glucose, fatty acids, leptin and insulin.

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