Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Nutritional Sciences Preschool]
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NJOG has a focus on metabolism in obesity, its etiology and how it affects diseases (diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and cancer; DOCC). This past year, we worked with RU dining/Nutritional Sciences faculty to discuss  how modifications to the dining hall presentation of food can influence healthier choices of food and beverage quantity and quality by students and faculty/staff - sometimes without even noticing. In addition, we helped to organize the Pioneers in Endocrinology Workshop with a focus on diabetes and invited pioneers, G Shulman and J Roth. This project and other research endeavors with new faculty at Rutgers-RWJUMS and our ongoing work with the Institute of Food Nutrition and Health and Rutgers Center for Lipid Research, we expect to interesting new results and directions.

Our Mission

The New Jersey Obesity Group's mission is to increase inter- and multi-disciplinary research of the causes, metabolic complications, treatment and prevention of obesity by facilitating collaboration and communication between researchers at Rutgers University, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, other universities, and industry in the metropolitan area.

Our Goals

The goals of NJOG are to support obesity-related research, organize state and national-level symposia for health care workers, educators, and the public, and our specific projects this year are: 1. To identify populations at risk for complications of obesity in N.J.; 2.. to provide health-related support for underprivileged and urban populations; 3. to understand common pathways that may cause both obesity and cancer. NJOG members serve the community by providing obesity-related advise, through weight loss counseling and participation in health fairs. Individuals have gained from our programs by learning more about healthful ways to eat and also were successful in losing body weight.

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