Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Nutritional Sciences Preschool]

A Laboratory School

Each class has a certified head teacher, along with student teachers who are also enrolled in a child nutrition course. The teacher-child ratio is approximately one to three. Our low ratio allows us to better individualize our program.


Our curriculum is based on discovery learning and meaningful social interaction through developmentally appropriate activities. The curriculum is well balanced, providing individual small group and large group experiences. Cooking and nutrition education are emphasized in all of our classes. A nutritious snack is provided during each session. Once each semester in underway, the class prepares its own snack on a daily basis. The preschool is peanut- and nut-free and sensitive to food allergies.

A Warm and Loving Environment

The preschool fosters the self-esteem of the individual child by encouraging independence and healthy growth. Parent Participation Our observation booth is always open to parents. Parents also participate in fundraising, field trips, and party days. Also, we have parent education programs and a Parent Advisory Committee, which meets monthly.


Research and evaluation projects are an integral part of the function of our school. Research topics are related to childhood nutrition, early childhood education and child/family development. Parental permission is required for participation in each project.

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