Undergraduate Courses

11.709.101 Nutrition for Today (1)
The aim of this course is to increase the breadth and depth of student knowledge regarding a wide variety of nutrition topics and how to apply them to their daily lives.

11:709:201 Introduction to Foods and Nutrition (3)
Nutritional needs of the family; Consumer aspects of food selection and meal preparation

11:709:202 Laboratory for Introduction to Foods (1)
Pre/corerequisite: 11:709:201
Application of knowledge of food composition and nutritive values to food preparation

11:709:235:90-91 Sports Nutrition Online (3)
An introduction to nutrition for health and performance

11:709:255:01/T1/T2 Nutrition & Health (3)
Introductory nutrition; nutrients and their functions in the human body throughout the life cycle

11:709:255:90-91 Nutrition & Health ONLINE (3)
Introductory nutrition; nutrients and their functions in the human body throughout the life cycle

11:709:344 Quantity Food Production (4)
Lecture/lab; prerequisites: 11:709:201, 202; white lab coat required
Planning and organization of work, menus, preparation, and service of food for mass feeding; evaluation of supervisory techniques, equipment, and cost control

11:709:349 Management of Food Service Systems (3)
Prerequisite: 11:709:344
Purchasing policies as related to food equipment in the food service industry; study of quantity kitchen layout; systems approach to resource management and financial control; field trip fee

11:709:352 Nutrition and Behavior (3)
Prerequisites: 11:709:255 and 01:830:101
The bidirectional relationship between nutrition and behavior with emphasis on behavioral and social sciences research strategies

11:709:363 World Food Customs and Nutrition (3)
Open only to juniors and seniors
Food patterns, food customs and nutritional status of peoples from various racial, regional and religious backgrounds of the world

11:709:364 Nutrition & Health in Developing Countries (3)

Physiological and socio-political issues surrounding nutrition in developing countries; fundamental causes and consequences of nutrient and energy deficiencies as well as social and political issues that promote nutrition problems

11:709:400 Advanced Nutrition I: Regulation of Macronutrient Metabolism (3)
Prerequisites: 01:694:301 or 11:115:403, 404 or 01:694:407-408; all prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better
Comprehensive study of regulation of carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism at cellular and organized levels; integration of metabolism by hormones, diet and pathophysiological states

11:709:401 Advanced Nutrition II: Energy and Micronutrient Metabolism (3)
Prerequisites: 01:694:301 or 11:115:403, 404 or 01:694:407-408; all prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better
Intensive study of body composition and energy expenditure; biological function, requirements and pathological aspects of vitamins and minerals

11:709:402 Readings in Advanced Nutrition I (1)
Corerequisite: 11:709:400
Discussion of problems set by instructors of Advanced Nutrition I to develop understanding of the topics covered

11:709:403 Readings in Advanced Nutrition II (1)
Corerequisite: 11:709:401
Discussion of problems set by instructors of Advanced Nutrition II to develop understanding of the topics covered

11:709:405 Professional Issues in Dietetics (P/NC, 1)
Prerequisite: Open only to seniors
Trends in the field of dietetics and the effects of legislative, health care, marketing and entrepreneurial issues on the profession

11:709:427 Obesity: Biology, Behavior and Management (3)
Prerequisite: 11:709:255
Examine the multi-factorial etiology of the obesity epidemic as well as the treatment and public policy approaches that are being used in the obesity research community to combat it

11:709:440 Contemporary Issues in Nutritional Sciences (3)
Open only to junior and senior majors; others by permission of instructor
Investigations of recent trends and issues in nutrition and development

11:709:441 Life Span Community Nutrition (4)
Prerequisites: 11:709:201, 202, 255; open only to seniors.
The teaching, science and philosophy of community nutrition and the programs and agencies designed to improve the nutritional status of various populations through the life span

11:709:442 Nutrition Communication (3)
Prerequisite: 11:709:441
Assessing client needs; identifying relevant nutrition concepts; application of educational principles, techniques and evaluation strategies for nutrition educators operating in a variety of settings; Applied nutrition education experience

11:709:443 Methods in Sensory Analysis (3)
Prerequisite: 11:709:255
Provides a basic background in human orosensory physiology and sensory testing methods

11:709:481:01 Seminar in Nutrition (1.5, Dr. Anthony)
11:709:481:01 Seminar in Nutrition (1.5, Dr. Hoffman)
11:709:481:02 Seminar in Nutrition (1.5, Dr. Miller)
Review of nutrition journals, critical reading in topics in the history of nutrition and specific nutrition problems of current interest

11:709:489 Experimental Foods (3)
Lecture/lab; prerequisites: 01:160:209, 211; 11:709: 201, 202; 01:960:401
Physical and chemical properties of foods; laboratory investigation of effects of alteration in preparation, storage, and preservation on quality and acceptability

11:709:493, 494 Research in Nutrition (BA)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor
Special problems in the field of nutrition

11:709:498 Nutrition and Disease (3)
Prerequisite: 11:709:400 or 401
Nutritional aspects and dietary treatments of diseases in which nutrition plays a major role

11:709:499 Nutrition Counseling (1)
Prerequisite; 11:709:441; Corequisite: 11:709:442
Application of scientific knowledge to actual case studies; techniques for effective nutrition counseling