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Students will earn a Masters of Science (MS) in nutritional sciences upon satisfactory completion of all requirements of the Rutgers University School of Graduate Studies, including completion of 30-semester hours of graduate level coursework (including a maximum of 12 credits for prior learning at the graduate level); completion of thesis requirements; achievement of a grade B or better in all coursework; and compliance with Rutgers School of Graduate Studies policies and requirements for a graduate degree.

Required Coursework

ISPP graduate level coursework is described here:

Links the expertise acquired in the classroom with supervised learning experiences in an array of professional practice settings (i.e., community and clinical nutrition, food service management, and student-defined specialty area).
Course # Title & Brief Description
16:709:503 Introduction to Applied Nutrition Research
Skills in the conduct and interpretation of research. Emphasis given to study design, instrumentation, analysis, and ethical issues.
16:709:508 Medical Nutrition Therapy
Application of pathophysiology of disease states addressing prevention and treatment of patients at risk of nutritional complications.
16:709:524 Health Promotion in Nutrition & Dietetics 1
Evidence-based practice with emphasis on accurate interpretation of scientific information and translation into actionable nutrition behaviors for varied consumer and professional audiences.
16:709:510 Advanced Topics in Disease Prevention
Advanced topics in disease prevention including those related to professional practice, development, and leadership
16:709:526 Health Promotion in Nutrition & Dietetics 2
Advanced skills in evidence-based nutrition practice with emphasis on communicating with professional audiences using an array of communication modes.
16:709:618 Dietetics Supervised Practice
16:709:644 Research Supervised Practice
Links the expertise acquired in the classroom with the application of research skills leading to completion of a directed nutrition research project.

Supervised Practice Sites

Supervised practice occurs in a variety of settings such as clinical (inpatient and outpatient), community nutrition, food service, and research. Each student will have the opportunity to plan and complete a specialty rotation, with approval of the Dietetics Supervised Practice Director and ISPP Faculty.
The ISPP Coordinator identifies and schedules supervised practice sites around the NJ metropolitan area.


ISPP students observe the Rutgers academic calendar for term start/end dates and holidays. The academic calendar is updated yearly. The Dietetics Supervised Practice Director, ISPP Faculty and DPD Director reserve the right to alter the calendar in response to unforeseen circumstances, including weather emergencies and unique learning experiences opportunities (e.g., events, speakers, supervised practice availability).

Dietetics - ISPP

Pinkin Panchal headshot.

Pinkin Panchal, MS, RDN
Director, Dietetics Supervised Practice
Davison Hall, Room 210

Sarah Curran headshot.

Sarah Curran, MHS, RD
ISPP Program Faculty