Tuition and Costs

Application related costs
ISPP Evaluation Request Form Fee: $75
The fee is waived for Rutgers students and alumni.

School of Graduate Studies Application Fee: $75
The fee is waived for current Rutgers School of Graduate Studies student.
2018-2019 Year Tuition
$718 per credit NJ resident
$1221 per credit out of state resident
Tuition cost depends on total credits students need. For full-time, degree-seeking students with no prior graduate course credits or prior supervised practice learning, 30 graduate credits are needed ($21,540 total in-state tuition, or about $10,770/year). The total credits required decrease when students enter the ISPP with approved prior graduate course credits.
2018-2019 Fees and Other Program Costs
Mandatory Fees -
Campus Fee:
$3,360 for 4 semesters ($840/semester)

Computer Fee:
$666 for 4 semesters ($166.50/semester)

School Fee:
$342 for 4 semesters ($85.50/semester)

ISPP Program Fee

Optional Fee -
Health Insurance:
$4,310 for 2 years ($2155/year)
Students covered under another health care plan may be able to waive this fee; health insurance must be maintained for at least the duration of participation in this program.

Other Costs -
Criminal Background Check and Drug Testing:

Travel to Rotation Sites:
$1,500 for 2 years ($750/year)

Supplies (e.g., books, lab coats, software)
$1,500 for 2 years ($750/year)

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Membership Dues
$120 for 2 years ($60/year)
Students must maintain membership at least until completing the program. Fee estimates are for 2 years.

The ISPP program fee is billed with the first term’s tuition and is non-refundable. Students can refer to the Rutgers University School of Graduate Studies website for information about withdrawal and refund of graduate school tuition and fees.

Financial Aid