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Tuition and Fees

Application-Related Costs

2023-24 Year Tuition

Tuition cost depends on total credits students need. For full-time, degree-seeking students with no prior graduate course credits or prior supervised practice learning, 30 graduate credits are needed ($24,780 total in-state tuition, or about $12,390/year). The total credits required decrease when students enter the ISPP with approved prior graduate course credits.

Please see the School of Graduate Studies Graduate Tuition & Fees 2023-2024 for more information.

2023-24 Fees and Other Program Costs

Mandatory Fees

Optional Fee

Other Costs

The ISPP program fee is billed with the first term's tuition and is non-refundable. Students can refer to the Rutgers University School of Graduate Studies website for information about withdrawal and refund of graduate school tuition and fees.

Please also see:

Financial Aid

For general financial aid information please see:

Graduate financial aid is available in three general categories:

Generally, fellowships and assistantships are not available to ISPP students. For graduate financial aid details, please visit

Dietetics - ISPP

Pinkin Panchal headshot.

Pinkin Panchal, MS, RDN
Director, Dietetics Supervised Practice
Davison Hall, Room 210

Sarah Curran headshot.

Sarah Curran, MHS, RD
ISPP Program Faculty