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Culinary Nutrition Minor

Pan with vegetables flying out of it.

Non-nutrition undergraduate students at SEBS should consider a minor in Culinary Nutrition (non-SEBS students should check with their advisor for restrictions). This minor provides an opportunity for students to enhance and extend their non-nutrition major and apply that knowledge and skill sets in an array of culinary nutrition career opportunities (e.g., food journalism, culinary communication, food and nutrition education, food marketing, food management, test kitchens, food production and processing, hospitality) and round out skills in other related areas (e.g., psychology, exercise science, health and wellness, education).

Required Courses

  1. 11:709:201 Culinary Nutrition (3)
  2. 11:709:202 Culinary Nutrition Laboratory (1) Pre/co-req 11:709:201
  3. 11:709:255 Nutrition and Health (3)
  4. 11:709:344 Quantity Food Production (3) Pre-req 11:709:201/202
  5. 11:709:443 Methods in Sensory Analysis (3) Pre-req 11:709:255 and 11:709:201
  6. 11:709:444 Management of Food Service Systems (3) Pre-req 11:709:344
  7. 11:709:445 Problem Solving Using Food (3) Pre-req: either
  8. 11:709:255, 11:400:201, or 11:373:121

Program Director

Malcolm Watford, D.Phil.
Foran Hall, Rm. 170